Lets create a new Peace Symbol!

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One that will bring smiles and curiosity to a face, and
a moment of pure peaceful joy.
How can anyone be hostile or destructive in the presence of a bubble?
Bubbles are iridescent packages of happiness and beauty.

Think about this: It carries our own individual breath and our unique essence, to wherever it catches the wind and gently lands and pops with whatever intention you blew into it. When I blow bubbles i insert my intention for a safer, happier and violence free world. Yup just a simple bubble can go along way!

 Please join me as I move forward with the blog hoping to create peace bubbles all over the world. I invite you to join me in spreading the message of peace and compassion just one person and one BUBBLE at a time.

Hey you never know right?

Here’s the deal… Send me photos of you, your friends and family anyone blowing bubbles, and let me know where you were when creating the bubbles and tell me a little something about how you’d like to participate in this peace bubble project. That’s it. Let’s make this happen! All over the world…Africa, Australia, Vietnam, United States, Canada, France, Russia, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Siberia, Italy, Bali, Mexico, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Switzerland…everywhere!!

4 Responses to Home

  1. chris turtle says:

    And….I’ll send you peace offerings from San Diego!

  2. Phyllis Leilani Halstead says:

    Debie..Karen…and I promise you a peace bubble blown in Portland when we hear the Dalaii Lama. Go girlfriend for peace.

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